Microsoft Power Platform

The Power Platform is an enterprise grade ‘low-code’ platform. As organisations mature in their use of Microsoft’s cloud offerings, the Power Platform becomes an essential and adaptable platform to solve a range of business problems.

In the hands of Breadcrumb’s experienced team and certified developers, it can deliver high quality and secure solutions.

Our experience

Our Microsoft certified developers and business analysts are all Queensland based and experts at working with the Power Platform. Breadcrumb Digital specialise in creating practical and effective business solutions that are right sized for the problem.

We work in an Agile manner with our best outcomes achieved when we have active engagement from clients who contribute throughout a project’s stages.


Solution examples

Below are some examples of solutions developed by Breadcrumb using the Power Platform.

Small solutions

  • Software and equipment request forms with dynamic pricing and approval management.
  • ID and access card request forms with approval management.
  • Electronic site sign-in for staff, contractors and visitors across multiple sites.
  • Centrally governed external information sharing solution with approval management and automated expiry.

Medium solutions

  • Various procurement and contract management solutions.
  • Incidents, risk, compliments, and complaints management, including actions and approvals.
  • Corporate governance, risk and action management solutions for committees.
  • Board paper creation, review and approval management.
  • Various custom project management and tracking solutions.
  • University program (course) proposal, review and approval management.

Large solutions

  • Teams and Power Platform solution for external collaboration for a collection of 50+ local government organisations.
  • Review and management of staffing levels and hiring approvals.
  • Cemetery operations management tool for administration and co-ordination of field activities and personnel.
  • Land management solutions (nature refuges, land sales).
  • Numerous COVID tracking and management applications for aged care providers (200+ locations across Australia).

How we can help

Breadcrumb can help get you from idea (or problem), through design, development, deployment, and maintenance.

Common challenges which are all good candidates for Power Platform solutions:

  • simple through to complex business process automation that improves efficiencies through form-based data collection, formal digital approvals and reporting.
  • older line of business applications that are end-of-life or in need of rejuvenation
  • solutions that integrate with, augment or bridge existing commercial off the shelf (COTS) products with critical functionality, Microsoft included
  • spreadsheet-oriented data solutions that are business critical and require uplift to improve security, robustness, and usability.

Our Power Platform services

Advice and consulting

  • Governance models
  • Business process analysis
  • Requirements gathering
  • User experience design
  • Analysis of legacy systems


  • Workflow design development
  • Model and Canvas app design and development
  • Data modelling and reporting
  • System integration
  • Governance implementation

Support and training

  • Solution support
  • End user training
  • Power user up-skilling
  • Platform administration

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