Microsoft SharePoint

Breadcrumb Digital has a team of SharePoint specialists who deliver solutions that enable individuals, teams and organisations to discover, share and collaborate on content. From project reporting to managing the lifecycle of policies to innovative intranets and beyond, we have been responsible for using the best of SharePoint to promote adoption and realise efficiencies.

Our driving principle is to leverage available out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality wherever possible and develop custom components when necessary to meaningfully enhance a solution and meet specific organisational needs.


We believe a good intranet empowers staff by providing relevant and easy to find content, fast access to tools, and aesthetically pleasing, easy to use interfaces. We work closely with key stakeholders and users to build modern SharePoint intranets that deliver great user experiences and are aligned with business objectives.

Our key success factors include quality content that ensures appropriate information is available, information architecture and search that enables users to find what they need, and page layouts and interactions that instil confidence in users.


Breadcrumb Digital is a proud LiveTiles partner. LiveTiles is an all-in-one solution for creating beautiful, engaging sites that foster collaboration, effectively manage content and seamlessly integrate with third-party applications.

LiveTiles’ powerful tools enable teams to evolve the out-of-the-box SharePoint experience into an agile custom intranet and intelligent workplace experience.

Learn more about LiveTiles and ask us for a demonstration.

Collaboration sites

We plan and develop SharePoint collaboration sites that are flexible enough to meet specific organisational needs but at the same time allow our clients to define boundaries and establish appropriate control mechanisms.

We believe collaboration sites are the most effective when managed by users with clear guidance and support when required. To deliver such solutions we work with end users to define their needs and to offer the right combination of tools that can make their life easier, in turn helping drive adoption.

Document management

Document management in SharePoint can be daunting for people who are used to more traditional systems. We use UX methodologies to develop information architecture and taxonomies that are clear to users and can be applied intuitively. We demonstrate the benefits of metadata by showing the practical side of the solution based on the real needs of end users.

Often there is a need for document permissions and access control. We assist with access planning, configuration and testing to ensure documents and information are safe and only available to relevant users.

Our SharePoint capabilities

Advice and consulting

  • Greenfield intranet strategy
  • Brownfield implementation review
  • Governance
  • Strategy and architecture

Requirements gathering

  • User requirements
  • Business/organisational requirements
  • Functional requirements
  • System requirements

Office 365 integration

  • Planning and migration
  • Hybrid setup
  • Best practice development
  • Minimal customisation
  • Composed looks

Development and testing

  • SharePoint configuration
  • Front end development
  • Application and workflow development
  • Standard suite of customisable solutions

Support and training

  • Training and user guides
  • User adoption strategies
  • Dedicated help desk support
  • Ongoing service level agreements

Interaction and layout design

  • Wire-framing
  • Prototyping
  • Graphic design
  • User testing

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