Microsoft 365

Breadcrumb Digital’s consultants, analysts and developers have hands-on experience delivering a wide range of Microsoft 365 solutions and specialise in helping our clients leverage the investment they have made in their move to the cloud.

No matter if we are working as part of an organisation-wide digital transformation, on a discrete and defined piece of work, or on a challenge not yet fully defined – our goal is to deliver outcomes with a great return on investment.

Help getting started in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365  has a suite of 30+ professional tools for organisations of all sizes.

Many of our clients are unsure about how best to leverage the many tools available in Microsoft 365. In these situations – before we start work on a solution – we help these clients to set a vision for what they are trying to achieve while helping them to understand how Microsoft 365 can address key organisational challenges or opportunities.

We can also provide advice on how best to use individual applications, including those set out below.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings all your team conversations, files, meetings and apps together in a shared workspace.

Teams is a platform that combines SharePoint’s document management capabilities with Skype-style chat and online meeting solutions, enabling users to co-author and share files with popular Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Teams has over 200 apps and integrations to enhance the out-of-the-box capability of Teams and bring other popular cloud services into one location.

We work with our clients to understand how Microsoft Teams can be adopted to ensure a safe and secure digital workplace while enabling real-time collaboration and communication.

Often rolling-out Microsoft Teams requires changes to how an organisation stores and manages their documents. We help our clients design a new approach that meets their needs but also leverages the many exciting capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

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Power Automate and Power Apps

Power Automate and Power Apps are effective tools for improving and automating business processes. The first step in understanding how to use them is to analyse current practices and discover where Power Automate and Power Apps can help make tasks easier, faster or more productive.

We prefer to use a staged approach where we first develop a minimum viable solution and then progressively improve the solution through iterative user testing and refinement. This approach ensures value, as the benefits of each smaller piece of work can be evaluated and work can be reprioritised around evolving needs.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is highly flexible, and Breadcrumb can deliver a wide range of solutions from corporate intranets and collaboration sites to reporting and document management.

We are passionate about working with our clients to discover their challenges and offer effective solutions. We have found elegant solutions for complicated problems and gained expertise around edge cases and best practice across many projects.

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Power BI

The value of data analysis and reporting for organisations is well established however the tools for end users to make the most of the available data have traditionally been expensive, functionally limited or complicated to use. The convenience of Power BI (easily accessible through Microsoft 365) along with feature set and secure sharing capability empowers organisations to do more with their data, more easily than ever before.   The days of laboriously compiling reports and distributing them via email has gone and in its place is Power BI and a modern approach to data analysis.

Power BI is a business intelligence solution that consolidates data across systems and presents it in an easy-to-digest format.

We help our clients design interactive reports and dashboards that are meaningful, accurate and present up-to-date information. Our solutions are designed to provide insights quickly and focus on analysis and problem-solving.

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Governance and user adoption

Understanding how an organisation is going to support the use of a solution is important for ensuring ongoing adoption and appropriate information management. Depending on the size of your organisation you may need a formal governance plan with detailed policies and procedures or a quick governance guide that ensures your solutions stay usable and manageable.

We help organisations develop Microsoft 365 governance plans that suit their particular needs, including best practice recommendations and technical advice. Our deliverables range from checklists, templates and roles and responsibilities matrixes, to more complex automated solutions that can help you to stay on top of things.

Our Microsoft 365 capabilities

Advice and consulting

  • Rollout planning
  • Governance
  • Strategy and architecture
  • User experience design
  • Requirements gathering

Implementation and migration

  • Configuration
  • Front end development
  • Application and workflow development
  • Standard suite of customisable solutions

Support and training

  • Administration
  • Training and user guides
  • User adoption strategies
  • Dedicated help desk support
  • Ongoing service level agreements


  • Scripting and automation
  • Microsoft 365 connectors and integrations
  • Microsoft Graph app development

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