Information management

At Breadcrumb Digital, we’re passionate about helping organisations manage their valuable information assets.

Our consultants have extensive experience delivering a broad range of engagements from strategy to governance and systems implementation.

How we can help

We help our clients solve business problems through solutions that balance user and business needs to ensure information is appropriately captured, stored, shared and disposed.

Through our experience and our established set of frameworks and toolsets, we also guide organisations that are having challenges with information management strategy, governance and master data management.

Our experience

Our information specialists and team of developers work with you from beginning to end to develop information solutions that support decision-making, business processes and delivery of digital services.

Our certified Microsoft developers have a proven record of delivering fit-for-purpose solutions that optimise our client’s information environments in Australia and beyond. Our consultants have also delivered challenging information strategies and projects within the corporate and government sectors.

Our information management services

Document and records management

Ensure documents and records are accessible when and where they are needed while meeting compliance requirements.

  • SharePoint and Teams implementation
  • Document lifecycle management
  • MS Teams governance
  • Compliance management
  • Information architecture
  • Training and awareness

Information security and privacy

Protect your most valuable information assets.

  • Data loss prevention
  • Sensitivity labels
  • Rights management
  • Insider risk management
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) management
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Information security classification

Information strategy and governance

Define your long-term strategy and govern your valuable information assets.

  • Information audit
  • Information governance framework
  • Information management strategy
  • Policies and procedures

Knowledge management

Capture your organisational knowledge to optimise knowledge sharing and transfer.

  • Knowledge audit
  • Knowledge management framework
  • Knowledge base support

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